What is Wise?

The Wise, formerly TransferWise is very safe way to send and receive money from overseas. This money transfer service offers a free invoice template. All these invoices with balance can be parsed and extracted from the Gmail by Export Emails to Sheets in Google Drive.

What is PayPal invoicing?

A PayPal invoice is an invoice sent securely to recipient via email. The recipient can manage invoices received by Gmail using Export Emails to Sheets.

Is Stripe a payment processing platform for the internet?

Stripe is API (Application Programming Interface) payment service and infrastructure created for online processing. Stripe sends formatted email messages to receipts after a successful transaction. All these emails can be parsed successfully.

Is Intuit QuickBooks accounting software suitable for self-employed?

Yes. Intuit QuickBooks is ideal app for freelancers, self-employed, and small businesses. It uses a simple way to track income, expenses, invoices, quotes, VATs, etc. The accounting service also offers to send emails with Gmail.

When Uber sends a receipt to the email address?

Uber service automatically sends a required receipt to the email address associated with the rider’s account when a driver comes to the destination.

Does Lyft send an email to the recipient automatically?

Lyft immediately sends an email with the receipt after the customer pays for a ride. Lyft like Uber provides mobility as a service. Both services offer innovative alternatives to taxis.

Why is Curb taxi different than Uber or Lyft?

Curb is a taxi app that allows users to hail a taxi from their phone. It is different than Uber or Lyft because it is a traditional taxi service. The Curb sends an email message to the customer within 24 hours or less of taking a ride.

How do I back up my Microsoft Authenticator 2FA on mobile device?

To back up your data, follow the following steps expplained in the article How to migrate Microsoft Authenticator 2FA to a new mobile device

How do I back up my Google Authenticator 2FA on mobile device?

To secure your data, adhere to the steps outlined in the article How to migrate Google Authenticator 2FA to a new mobile phone