How do I merge two worksheets into one?

Merging two worksheets can be done in a few simple steps. It is well explained in the following support note named: How do I merge two worksheets into one?

Is Google Sheets a type of database?

Even though Google Sheets is not a type of database, it can be used as a lightweight database. The spreadsheet can store data in a structured way and organize the collection of structured information just like a real database.

What is the purpose of using the FILTER formula in Google Sheets?

The FILTER formula in Google Sheets is used to extract specific data from a larger dataset based on certain criteria. It allows users to filter out unwanted data and display only the data that meets a specific set of conditions. This formula is particularly useful for creating multiple sheets with filtered data based on certain criteria. For more details read the following article How to use Google Sheets FILTER formula to populate multiple sheets based on a criteria

Can the FILTER formula be used to filter data across multiple sheets in Google Sheets?

No, the FILTER formula can only filter data within a single sheet in Google Sheets. However, it can be used to populate multiple sheets within the same Google Sheets file based on a criteria. To filter data across multiple sheets, users can use the QUERY formula or create a master sheet that pulls data from multiple sheets using the IMPORTRANGE function.