Why does "All Mail" not show up at the left of my Gmail screen?

  1. In your browser, sign in to your Google/Gmail account.
  2. Click the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner and select Settings:

    chrome extension

  3. Click the Labels tab, and under System label find All Mail and click “show”:

    chrome extension

  4. “All Mail” is showing up at the left of your Gmail screen.

    chrome extension

NOTE: If you want to know why what is difference between Inbox and All Mail, please check the following support note: What is Gmail “All Mail” – and what is difference between Inbox and All Mail.

Where can I find the cloudHQ icons in the Gmail compose window when in compact view?

In Gmail, when you are using the compose window, the toolbar is located at the bottom, right above where you type your email. If you’re in a minimized or compact view (like when the compose box pops up in the lower-right corner), some icons might not be directly visible. Instead, you can access these icons, including those of cloudHQ, by clicking on the “nine-dot menu” icon, commonly referred to as the “waffle” icon. This will reveal any hidden icons or options.