To learn more about the Email Signature Generator, visit the Email Signature Generator website.
To install the extension, choose your browser from the links below:

The Email Signature Generator for Teams simplifies and streamlines the management of Gmail email signatures for your team members.
When creating signature templates, you can use the following merge tags. These merge tags are automatically replaced with values picked up from the Google Workspace user directory:

*|USER:NAME|* – replaced with user’s full name
*|USER:EMAIL|* – replaced with user’s email address
*|USER:TITLE|* – replaced with user’s title
*|USER:PHONE|* – replaced with user’s phone number (work phone number, and if that does not exist, then phone number classified as others)
*|USER:MOBILE|* – replaced with user’s mobile phone number
*|USER:ADDRESS|* – replaced with user’s address (work address and if that does not exist, then address classified as others)