To learn more about the Email Signature Generator, visit the Email Signature Generator website.
To install the extension, choose your browser from the links below:

To access your Email Signature Generator dashboard, go Email Signature Generator dashboard.

Read on for instructions on how to get started.

How to install Free Email Signature Generator by cloudHQ

  1. Download Free Email Signature Generator here by clicking Add to Chrome:
    chrome extension
  2. Click Add extension:
    chrome extension
  3. Once you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, tick the box and click Design My Signature:
    chrome extension
  4. Sign in with Google to continue to cloudHQ:
    chrome extension
  5. Click the Allow button:
    chrome extension
  6. You’re all set up!

How to manage your Gmail Signatures

chrome extension
You can click on the Email Signature Generator button from the cloudHQ dashboard, as shown below:
chrome extension
Alternatively, you can click on the Email Signature Generator icon in the upper right corner of your Chrome window. Or, you can click on the icon in the toolbar of a New Message window:
chrome extension

Menu options are positioned in the upper-left portion of the screen. There are four options tabs. Read on for descriptions of each tab:

  1. Email Signature Details, the first option, includes the fields which can be included in your email signature. The default values for your contact information in your email signature are:
    • Email
    • Company
    • Title
    • Phone
    • Mobile
    • Address
    • Website name
    • You can also include other fields by clicking on the Add another button.
      chrome extension
  2. Social Profile Links, the second option, allows you to add profile links to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.
    chrome extension
    You can add additional social icons as shown below by clicking on the Add another button.
    chrome extension
  3. Color and Design Customization, the third menu option, helps you to customize the presentation of your email signature. You can:
    • Modify the layout of your signature in the following styles:
      • Classic
      • Horizontal
      • Compact
      • Clean
      • Stacked
      • Elegant
      • Spacious
    • Modify the following formatting options:
      • Font family
      • Font color
      • Link color
      • Heading color
      • Label color
    • Make the following additional changes:
      • Add a photo or logo
      • Change your photo size
      • Change the size of your social profile link iconschrome extension
  4. Extensions, the fourth and final menu option, allows you to include a variety of special additions. We’ll go over each one below.
    chrome extensionBook me link uses Gmail Meeting Scheduler by cloudHQ, the Chrome extension which connects to your Google Calendar and allows you to make specific time slots available for booking meetings.
    chrome extension
    Your book me link will appear in your signature as shown below:
    chrome extensionSales Event is used to advertise products at specially-reduced prices.
    chrome extension
    Your sales event will appear in your signature as shown below:
    chrome extensionVideo can insert a video into your email signature in two ways:

    1. Add a Youtube video by putting its link in the box, or
    2. Use Free Video for Gmail by cloudHQ by clicking Record My Video and shooting a personal video for your email signature.
      chrome extension
      Your video will appear in your signature as shown below:
      chrome extensionHoliday Banner allows you to decorate your email signature by choosing from various pre-made holiday themes.
      chrome extension
      Your holiday banner will appear in your signature as shown below:
      chrome extensionPromote your MLS listing or website allows you to include your Multiple Listing System (aka Multiple Listings Service), a suite of services that real estate brokers use to establish contractual offers:
      chrome extension
      Your MLS listing or website will appear in your signature as shown below:
      chrome extensionDisclaimer allows you to add a message to your email signature. Provided sample messages include:

      • “Confidential communication” disclaimers
      • “No-virus” disclaimers
      • “Personal opinion” disclaimers
      • “Correct recipient” disclaimers
      • “Non-binding” disclaimers
      • You can also enter your own text
        chrome extension
        Your disclaimer will appear in your signature as shown below (here using the “Confidential Communication Disclaimer” template):
        chrome extensionGreen footer adds a positive environmental impact to your email signature by encouraging your recipients not to print your emails. This tool contains the following template options and more:
      • “Printing Kills Trees”
      • “Don’t print this”
      • “Printing emails is SO 2009”
      • You can also enter your own text.
        chrome extension
        Your green footer will appear in your signature as shown below (here using the “Environmental responsibility” template):
        chrome extensionHTML Content contains standard markup language tags, attributes, and other elements of code.
        chrome extension
        Your HTML content will appear in your signature as shown below (here using the HTML code for a “Winking Face With Tongue” emoji):
        chrome extensionCustom banner allows you to decorate your email signature with a custom message or an image that you upload. Your custom banner will appear as shown below. Polls allow you to add a survey question to your email signature that recipients can answer. When they answer your poll, you’ll be notified in an email of their response. Your poll will appear in your signature as shown below.Don’t forget to click Save Signature in the right upper of the screen. Once you do, you’re all set!

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