To migrate a Dropbox account or Dropbox team folder to Microsoft 365 Sharepoint document library, you need to create a one-way sync pair like this:

Dropbox (   ->  Microsoft 365 Sharepoint ( Library/Dropbox_user

or like this:

Dropbox ( Folders/Folder for HR   ->  Microsoft 365 Sharepoint ( Site/Document Library

The above will do a one-way sync of the Dropbox account to the specified Microsoft 365 Sharepoint Document Library. The data will be migrated but also kept in sync allowing you a seamless transition.

cloudHQ will also replicate all sharing information and permissions from Dropbox to Microsoft 365 Sharepoint only and only if:

  1. cloudHQ is installed on Dropbox Business domain
  2. cloudHQ is installed on your Microsoft 365 domain

Set up sync pair from Dropbox account to Microsoft 365 Sharepoint library

  1. Click the “Sync & Integrate” tab, then click on “Single User Setup“:

  2. Click “Single User Setup“:
  3. Click the Switch to Backup button
  4. Click the Dropbox icon
  5. Select the Dropbox account
  6. Select the Dropbox folder or Dropbox team folder
  7. Click on the Microsoft 365 Sharepoint icon
  8. Select or authorize SharePoint account
  9. Enter Site name or Site URL to search SharePoint site.
  10. Select the SharePoint document library or sub-folder or click “Create Folder” to create a new folder, then click “Select”.
  11. Choose your options. Synchronization will start automatically.
  12. The synchronization status will display after the initial synchronization.
  13. Here is How to Monitor Status of Sync.
  14. An email will confirm the success of the initial synchronization.