A merge tag is a bit of code that allows you to insert unique user data (URL, text, etc.) into text messages. With merge tags you can add personalized or dynamic content to your text campaigns or text notifications.

Here are some examples:

Add a unique URL to your messages

In this example, we will send a text campaign that sends texts to your customers with a link that is unique for each receipt. For example, the URL to access their account summary.

  1. Create a Google spreadsheet which has three columns:
    • Phone #
    • Name
    • URL
  2. In the column named phone# insert the phone numbers of your campaign recipients
  3. In the column named Name add the names of your campaign recipients
  4. In the column named URL insert URL for that campaign recipients
  5. An example spreadsheet is here
  6. Create a text campaign and load the spreadsheet you have created in step 1
  7. Enter your text message and for the URL use the merge tag: *|URL|*:
    Hi *|Name|*
    Here is the URL: *|URL|*

  8. Send the campaign