Note: You must be a Google Apps Admin to integrate with other cloud accounts.

Here is how to use the Google Apps Wizard to integrate cloud apps:

  1. Go to Apps
  2. Click “Free Trial”:Google Apps
  3. Click “Start cloudHQ Setup”:Google Apps
  4. Choose Google Apps as your organization’s primary cloud platform:
    Google Apps
  5. Click “Sign Up with Google Account”:Google Apps
  6. Click “Accept” to create cloudHQ account:Google Apps
  7. A successful account creation notification will display. Click “Ok”:Google Apps
  8. Click “Verify Google Apps Administrator Email”:Google Apps
  9. Click “Accept” to verify the Google Apps admin cloudHQ account:Google Apps
  10. Click “Install cloudHQ to Your Google Apps Domain”:Google Apps
  11. Click “Accept”:Google Apps
  12. Please wait a few seconds while cloudHQ authorizes your account for Google Apps:Google Apps
  13. Please wait a few seconds while services are redirected:Google Apps
  14. Please see How to Integrate Users’ Cloud Apps Using Google Apps for how to integrate cloud accounts.