With cloudHQ, you can set up a real-time backup of all your Dropbox Team Folder to any cloud storage (Amazon S3, Amazon Glacier, Dropbox, etc.).

From a cloudHQ point of view, Dropbox team folders are just “folders” inside Dropbox. So to backup Dropbox Team Folder, a Dropbox admin needs to create a backup sync pair that will back up your Dropbox Team Folders to the backup storage.

The setup is the following:

  1. Start the synchronization wizard to sync two cloud accounts.
  2. Click on the Dropbox icon
  3. Click on Switch to one-way sync to switch to the backup wizard.
  4. Authorize Dropbox admin account by clicking on Add Dropbox
  5. Select I’d like to sync an existing folder and then select folder name Team Folders (not a root folder). If you do not see Team Folders then you are probably using an older version of Dropbox business. In that case just select name of the folder.
  6. Click the icon where you want to backup your Dropbox Team Folders (i.e. Amazon S3, or maybe Google Drive)
  7. Authorize cloud service for backup (Amazon S3, Dropbox, etc.)
  8. Select destination folder (folder which will have your backup)
  9. Choose your backup options (defaults are strongly suggested) and start the backup.
  10. Here is How to Monitor Status of Backup.
  11. An email will confirm the success of the initial data transfer.

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