In order to use MailKing mail merge function, you’ll need to upload a CSV or Excel file that contains email addresses and the data that you’d like to merge into your emails. For example, the name of the company of the recipient, city where they live, etc. While this spreadsheet can be created manually, exporting a list from Salesforce can save you even more time!

  1. Create a new report in Salesforce. Depending on what information you’re trying to pull together, this report could be based on Accounts, Leads, Contacts, or Opportunities.
  2. In the report builder, select the fields that you’d like to include in the email.
    NOTE: Email must be the first column of your report. If you have more than one columns, then “FirstName” must be your second CSV column while “LastName” must be your third column.
  3. At the top of your report, click “Run Report” and then the “Export Details” button. Finally, select “Comma Delimited .csv” as the “Export File Format” and click Export.
  4. Now you’re ready to upload the file into MailKing