When a cloudHQ sync runs into a file that exists in both the target and source cloud services, but this file was never synced through cloudHQ or file was changed on both location simultaneously, cloudHQ will do the following:

  • cloudHQ will first download files from the source and target cloud service.
  • cloudHQ will compare these files.
  • If the files are the same, cloudHQ will catalog them. The catalog means that cloudHQ will register them in the database and leave the files unchanged.
  • In the case of two-way sync and if the files are different, cloudHQ won’t try to merge the files. Instead, cloudHQ will save two versions of the file and label the older one as a “conflicted copy.” This way, all changes will be preserved. The filename of the second version (“conflicted copy”) will be the same as the first but appended with “conflicted copy,” the name of the service responsible for the conflict, and the date that the conflict occurred.
  • In the case of one-way sync, the source will overwrite the target.