How do I install the Gmail Tables extension?

To install the Gmail Tables extension, visit the Chrome Web Store, search for “Gmail Tables,” and click “Add to Chrome.”

How can I use Gmail Tables to create tables in emails?

After installing the extension, open Gmail. While composing an email, click on the “Table” icon in the toolbar to create and insert tables into your email body.

Can I customize the appearance of tables created with Gmail Tables?

Yes, you can customize table dimensions, colors, and styles directly within the email composer. Simply use the formatting options provided by the extension.

What should I do if Gmail Tables is not working?

If Gmail Tables is not working, try refreshing your Gmail, updating the extension, or clearing your browser cache. If issues persist, visit the CloudHQ Support Page for troubleshooting help.

How does CloudHQ handle privacy of data?

CloudHQ is committed to protecting your privacy. We follow strict protocols and do not access, sell, or share your data with third parties. For more details, visit our Privacy Policy Page.