Where are snippets saved?

The snippets are saved in the “chrome.storage.sync.” This data gets synchronized across all the user’s instances of Chrome where the extension is installed.

How can snippets be synced across all devices?

To sync Gmail snippets from cloudHQ across all devices, enable the sync option for extensions in Google Chrome browser settings. This will automatically install and synchronize the snippets on all your devices as explained in the article on how to ensure that all my snippets are on all devices.

How do I install the Gmail Snippets extension?

To install the Gmail Snippets extension, visit the Chrome Web Store, search for “Gmail Snippets,” and click “Add to Chrome.”

How do I use Gmail Snippets?

After installation, open Gmail, compose a new email, and click on the Snippets icon in the toolbar to insert a snippet.

Can I create custom snippets?

Yes, you can create custom snippets by clicking on the Snippets icon and selecting “Create New Snippet.”

How do I manage my snippets?

Go to the Snippets icon in Gmail, click on “Manage Snippets,” and you can edit, delete, or organize your snippets.

Are my snippets stored privately and securely?

Yes, your snippets are stored securely. For more information on privacy, visit our Privacy Policy.