When using cloudHQ's Save Emails as PDF tool, are the Gmail Notes that are added to a particular email message included in the PDF export?

Yes, it is supported. When you use cloudHQ’s Save Emails as PDF tool, the Gmail Notes that you have added to a particular email message are indeed included in the PDF export. This feature ensures that any additional information or context you’ve attached to the email through Gmail Notes is seamlessly integrated into your exported PDF document.

How do I install the Gmail Notes extension?

To install the Gmail Notes extension, visit the Gmail Notes page and follow the installation instructions provided there.

Can I customize the appearance of my Gmail notes?

Yes, you can customize the appearance of your notes, including colors and fonts. Visit the customization guide on the CloudHQ support page for detailed instructions.

How do I attach a note to an email in Gmail?

To attach a note, click the “Add Note” button in your Gmail toolbar. A note window will appear where you can type your message. After saving, the note will be linked to that email.

How does CloudHQ handle the privacy of my data?

CloudHQ takes data privacy seriously. For detailed information on how your data is protected, please read our Privacy Policy.