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Electronic discovery — also called e-discovery or ediscovery — is the process of obtaining and exchanging evidence in a legal case, litigation, or investigation. E-discovery is used in the initial phases of litigation when involved parties are required to provide relevant records and evidence related to a case.

This process includes obtaining and exchanging electronic data that is sought, located, secured, and searched for with the intent of using it as evidence. E-discovery can include email messages, word processing documents, spreadsheets, presentations, databases, web pages, and any other digital information that is relevant to a legal case.

Export Emails to Sheets by cloudHQ is an excellent tool to find and discover all email message you need and neatly package them into one PDF or ZIP file.

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to accomplish that:

  1. Create a Gmail label (i.e., create a label with the name ALL EMAILS WHICH MIGHT BE NEEDED)
  2. Search in Gmail for emails message and put the emails you want into the Gmail label you created in the previous step. To do that, follow the instruction here.
  3. After you collect all emails into a Gmail label, start our job to save them to a Google Sheet. The job will be continuously running, so you can add any new emails to the label at any time – and our system will automatically be added to the label.
  4. Open your spreadsheet and delete all emails which not needed.
  5. After you have only the required email in the spreadsheet, you can package all emails into one PDF or ZIP file. To do that, follow the instructions here

Legal email collection. e-discovery via google sheets.