When the very first sync starts, cloudHQ starts its “initial transfer of data.” During this stage, cloudHQ needs to investigate the structure of the cloud services being synced and to copy all data between two cloud services.

This initial stage is divided into three phases:

First Phase: Cataloging of meta-data

When the very first sync starts, cloudHQ first needs to catalog meta-data. During this initial phase, you might not see any data being transferred. This phase might take some time at which you might think nothing is happening.

Second Phase: Data transfer

After the catalog of meta-data is done, the copying of data will start. Also during the “initial transfer of data” phase, changes which occur after sync is created might not be instantly replicated.

Third Phase: Verify and Commit

After the second phase is finished, cloudHQ needs to check and replicate all changes which occur in the second phase. You do need to wait for the email saying that the initial transfer is finished.

After the third phase is finished, the real-time sync will start.