The video tutorial guides users through a step-by-step process of saving and sending Gmail emails as PDF files using a browser extension, along with several additional features to improve productivity.


– The tutorial outlines how to save individual or multiple emails as PDFs via a toolbar button in Gmail’s interface.
– The extension offers a wide range of file formats (PDF, CSV, Excel, text document, HTML) for storing emails.
– Users can choose to save all emails as separate PDFs or merge them into a single file, with customizable settings such as page numbering and embedding attachments.
– The tutorial demonstrates how to manage default settings for saving PDFs, including paper size, and start the conversion process.
– Once the conversion is finished, the user will receive an email notification to download the PDF files.
– The extension also provides an easy way to send emails as PDF attachments by dragging them into the compose email box.
– An additional feature is creating a mailing list with all email addresses in the inbox, downloadable as a CSV file.