How to add the screenshot of the website

Our Gmail URL Link Preview Chrome extension will allow you to add a screenshot of any webpage directly into an email you’re composing. This is useful in the following cases: sharing internal webpages that do not offer the ‘preview’ or ‘content’ option (like specific ticket sales pages hidden behind a login, for instance) sharing an […]

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Getting Started with Pause Gmail Inbox

This extension prevents new emails from showing up in your inbox until you’re ready for them. By working interruption-free, you’ll be able to: Reduce your stress Get focussed Increase your productivity Here’s how it works: Install Pause Gmail Inbox Extension To add Pause Gmail Inbox to your gmail account, just go to the Chrome Store, […]

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How to find emails, package them into one PDF and upload them to SkySlope

If you have a bunch of emails within your Gmail account between you and your clients that you need to upload your SkySlope file for compliance the best approach is to package all these emails into one PDF the upload them into SkySlope file.

Here is an overview of steps:

  1. Go to your Gmail and find all emails you and your clients that you need to upload your SkySlope file
  2. Start cloudHQ job to package all emails to one PDF
  3. Download the PDF and upload it into SkySlope file
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