NOTE: If you want to migrate an individual Dropbox account, please check the following support note: How to migrate all files from Dropbox to Google Drive (single user).

There are several reasons someone might choose to migrate from Egnyte to Google Drive / Google Workspace:

  • Enhanced Collaboration Features: Google Drive/Workspace offers superior collaboration tools such as Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides, enabling multiple users to work on the same document simultaneously, fostering a more efficient and collaborative work environment.
  • Better Integration with Other Apps: Google Workspace integrates seamlessly with a wide range of applications and services, providing a more streamlined workflow. This includes integration with popular tools like Gmail, Calendar, and Google Meet.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: For many organizations, Google Drive offers a more cost-effective storage solution with flexible plans that can be tailored to specific needs and budgets.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Google Drive’s interface is often considered more user-friendly, making it easier for team members to adopt and utilize its features effectively.
  • Reliable Cloud Infrastructure: Google’s robust cloud infrastructure ensures high reliability and uptime, which is crucial for business continuity and data accessibility.
  • Advanced Security Features: Google Workspace provides comprehensive security features, including two-factor authentication, advanced encryption, and regular security updates, to protect sensitive data.
  • Scalability: Google Drive offers excellent scalability options, making it an ideal choice for growing businesses that need to increase their storage capacity and add more users without significant infrastructure changes.
  • Accessibility and Mobility: With Google Drive, files and documents can be accessed from anywhere and on any device, enhancing mobility and flexibility for remote or on-the-go work scenarios.
  • Extensive File Support: Google Drive supports a wide array of file formats, allowing for the storage and viewing of various types of documents, images, videos, and more without compatibility issues.
  • Regular Updates and Improvements: Google continuously updates and improves its Workspace suite, adding new features and enhancements that keep the platform modern and efficient.

To migrate Egnyte accounts to Google Workspace Drive accounts, set up migration sync pairs for every Egnyte private user and Dropbox team folder:

  • Move data from individual user accounts (their information in Egnyte private)
  • Transfer Egnyte team folders to matching Google Shared Drives

The setup steps are as follows:

  1. Prepare Google Workspace
  2. Install cloudHQ on Google Workspace domain
  3. Prepare Egnyte (create Egnyte internal app for large data transfer)
  4. Authorize cloudHQ access your Egnyte domain
  5. Create sync pairs to migrate individual user data
  6. Create sync pairs to migrate Dropbox team folders into Google Shared Drives

Google Workspace preparation

Install cloudHQ on your Google Workspace domain

This will authorize cloudHQ to access your Google Workspace domain.

Egnyte preparation

Since this process will transfer a large amount of data you will need to create an internal Egnyte application.
The detailed instructions on how to do that are in the support note How to set up internal application for Egnyte backup or sync.
To summarize the steps are:

  1. Get private API keys for your Egnyte domain here –
  2. Reach out to Egnyte support and ask to increase API limits to their desired number of calls
  3. If necessary, set your non-SSO Egnyte password

Authorize cloudHQ access your Egnyte domain

This will let cloudHQ access your Egnyte domain:

Migrate individual users

First, you need to create the migration sync pairs for your users’ private folders. These sync pairs will transfer user data from Egnyte’s private folder to their respective Google Drive accounts. For example, data from Egnyte user1 will be transferred to the Google Drive of user1, and the same for user2, and so on. Additionally, any sharing done by user1 in Egnyte will also be set up in Google Drive. You’ll need to create sync pairs like the ones below to make this happen:

Egnyte/Private/bob   ->  Google Drive (
Egnyte/Private/alice  ->  Google Drive (
Egnyte/Private/chad   ->  Google Drive (

These sync pairs ensure a one-way synchronization from each specific Egnyte folder to the matching Google Drive account. For example, Bob’s private folder in Egnyte will be moved to on Google Drive, Alice’s to, and so on. The data will not only be transferred but also synced continuously, ensuring a smooth transition.

It is important that created sync pair have the following setting:

  1. Sync only files I own (skip all files and folders which are shared with me) must be enabled
    This means that sync pair for user will migrate only and only Egnyte files and folders owned by
  2. Replicate sharing meta-data must be enabled
    This means that sync pair for user will also migrate sharing metadata when a file or folder is migrated (copied) from Egnyte to Google Drive.

Here is how to create sync pairs to migrate Egnyte private folders to corresponding Google Workspace Drive accounts.

Migrating Egnyte shared folders to Google Shared Drive folders

To migrate Egnyte team folders to the Google Shared Drives you will need to create sync pairs that will map these Egnyte Shared folders to Google Shared Drive folders.

To set up migration from Dropbox team folder to Google Drive team folder, the admin needs to create single user sync pairs from Dropbox team folders to Google Shared Drive folder.

Egnyte/Shared/Team Folder X ->  Google Drive ( Drives/Shared Drive X
Egnyte/Shared/Team Folder Y ->  Google Drive ( Drives/Shared Drive Y
Egnyte/Shared/Team Folders/Team Folder Z ->  Google Drive ( Drives/Shared Drive Z