Egnyte Directory Storage

With Egnyte, files are stored in two primary directories: the Shared folder specific to your domain or your individual Private folder.

Shared Folder

The Shared Folder serves as the central directory for your organization’s files. Upon the creation of an Egnyte domain, this folder contains only sample directories. Either Administrators or a Power User, given the role with the right to generate top-level folders, can establish a sub-folder under the primary Shared folder, for instance, Sales, Engineering, Finance, and so forth. Power or Standard Users granted the right permissions can produce sub-folders under these newly established ones.


  • Files must be stored within a subfolder, not directly in the Shared Folder.
  • The name, description, and access permissions of the Shared folder are fixed.
  • The Shared folder is non-deletable.

Private Folder

Private sub-folders can be possessed by both Administrators and Power Users. These are designed for confidential documents like salary slips, evaluations, and other paperwork not intended for wide circulation. Every sub-folder carries the name of its owner. Power Users have the freedom to create multiple sub-folders within their personal directory.

In certain situations, Administrators might prefer not to allow users to store documents privately, leading them to consider deactivating the Private folders. If you wish to turn off Private Folders or if this feature isn’t visible to you, get in touch with the Egnyte Support team.

Every Private folder within their domain is accessible by Administrators, who can also modify its contents. An Administrator’s distinct private folder will display their name, while the private folders of other users are shown under the “All Private Folders” section.