To find out more about Mobile Text Alert for Gmail, click here.
To install the extension follow this link: Download Mobile Text Alert for Gmail from Chrome Web Store
To access the dashboard, follow this link: Mobile Text Alert for Gmail Dashboard.

Even though some sites offer text message notifications, many sites do not offer this service (like, their text message notifications are quite limited (for example, sends text alert notifications only for open and closed incidents and not other important status changes), or the information provided by text messages is very limited.

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to set up text message notifications.

  1. Go to the status page of the service you want to monitor and subscribe to their email notification (for example,
  2. Log into the Gmail account which will receive email notifications.
  3. Install Mobile Text Alert for Gmail by cloudHQ. You can download it from Google Chrome Web Store. The extension will prompt you to create a cloudHQ account.
  4. After your cloudHQ account is created, go to Mobile Text Alert for Gmail Dashboard
  5. Register your phone number:
  6. Create a rule for all messages from (in case the service/website is managed by
  7. Save the rule