To find out more about Mobile Text Alert for Gmail, click here.
To install the extension follow this link: Download Mobile Text Alert for Gmail from Chrome Web Store
To access the dashboard, follow this link: Mobile Text Alert for Gmail Dashboard.

To set up your phone number for receiving mobile text alerts for your Gmail account, you would typically need to follow these steps:

  1. Locate the ‘Phone Number Setup’ section within the Mobile Text Alerts dashboard.

  2. Enter your mobile phone number into the ‘Your phone number’ field. Ensure that you include the correct format and country code if necessary.

  3. Submit your phone number by clicking on an ‘Update’ button, if available.

  4. Wait for an SMS that contains a 6-digit verification code to be sent to the phone number you provided.

  5. Once you receive the SMS, enter the 6-digit verification code into the provided field on the dashboard.

  6. Confirm the verification code by clicking on a ‘Confirm’ button, to complete the setup process.

Note: Mobile text (SMS) notifications are available for the United States 🇺🇸 and Canada 🇨🇦 only.

By subscribing to mobile text alerts, you are agreeing to the terms of service which often include compliance with certain guidelines and prohibitions on specific types of content. Failure to adhere to these terms may lead to account suspension or closure.