Export Emails to Sheets saves PDF files in these places:

  1. In the Emails folder on your Google Drive, as described here: How does Export Emails to Sheets organize PDF documents inside the Emails folder?
  2. If you choose a specific folder during the setup, PDFs will also be saved there.

A specific folder was selected during the wizard

If you picked a folder during the setup of the export job, you’ll only need to share that folder and both the spreadsheet and corresponding PDFs will be shared. For instance, if you chose the Exported Data folder for exports, just share the Exported Data folder to share both spreadsheets and PDF files.

Folder was NOT selected during the wizard

However, if your Google spreadsheet is made in the root folder (you did not select the folder), then PDFs will only be kept in the Emails folder. So, you’ll have to share this folder additional to sharing the spreadsheet. (Sharing just a part of the Email folder won’t share everything).
If you need to share all these PDF files do the following:

  1. Login into your Google Drive
  2. Find the Emails folder:
  3. Right click on the folder and select Share:
  4. Share the folder. If the recipient does not have Google Drive account, you need to share this folder as Anyone with a link and Editor:
  5. The recipient will be able to download everything – even if they do not have a Google account: