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If you have multiple “From” addresses (a.k.a. sender addresses or aliases) in Gmail, you can design a unique email signature for each one. For example, if you’re sending from the email address, you might want to have a different email signature than you use for

In addition, you can set up “plus” or “dot” aliases (e.g., for, you can create or and then set up different email signatures for each of those aliases.

For detailed instructions on how to setup Gmail aliases, click here.

How to set up email signatures for your Gmail aliases

Follow these steps to set up unique email signatures for your Gmail aliases:

  1. In your cloudHQ Dashboard, click the Email Signature Generator app icon.
  2. Click on the Design My Signature button:
    chrome extension
  3. The new message preview box will appear. The “From” line contains a dropdown bar that lists all of your aliases. Choose the address for which you want to make a new signature:
    chrome extension
  4. Design your new signature using the options on the left.