It may be that you want to archive a selection of emails out of your inbox by using a folder or label in Gmail.

To do this:

1. Search for all relevant messages

In Gmail’s search box, search for the emails you want to archive.

For example, we searched for all emails from “cloudHQ support”:

Gmail search results

From here, click the “select all” box to select all the emails you found in your search.

Select all in Gmail

This will select all emails that returned in your search.

If there are more emails than Gmail shows on one page of search results, it will show a notice asking if you want to select all emails that match the search:

More than 100 results Gmail

If you see this notice, click it so all emails that match your search will be selected.

2. Apply the Label in Gmail

When you have all the emails selected, click the “labels” drop-down and choose the label you want to use. You can also create a new label.

Label drop down

Here we’ve created a new label called “Support Archive” and selected it for all emails from cloudHQ’s support address:

New Gmail label for support

3. Click the Archive Icon to Archive the messages

Finally, with the messages still selected, click the Archive button in Gmail.

Archive emails from Gmail

This will remove the messages from your primary inbox.

However, all the emails you archived will still be easily available either from the label you created or through the Gmail search function.

To find them, simply click the label or repeat the search:

Gmail label for support emails