Gmail typically displays 25 conversations (or messages) per page.

But if your label has 1000s of emails and you want to forward or save to PDF all emails in the label? Or what if you have searched for all 129 emails exchanged with a person and want to forward them or convert them to PDF them all in one go? Do you have to select and perform operation six times, screenful by screenful?

Fortunately, Gmail offers a faster and easier way to select all conversations in the current label or search so you can act on them swiftly.

  1. Go to the label that you want to forward, save to PDF, Save toGoogle Drvie, or do some operation. Or just search for these email.
    Click the select box just below the search bar. This will select all fifty emails on the first page of the label you are in.
  2. Once all emails on the page have been selected, a message will appear at the top of all the messages asking you if you want to select all [insert number of messages in the label] conversations in the selected label. If you click this message, all messages in the label, not just message you see on the first page will be selected. You can then proceed to forward them, save them to PDF, mark them all as read or unread, mark them as important, star all conversations, or mark them all as spam.