While the Gmail interface is generally very simple to use and understand, it makes it a bit of a nightmare to work on large numbers of emails at the same time, unless you know a couple of little tricks.
To make managing your inbox easier, Gmail allows you to select multiple emails at once. Even if you need to save more than 50 or 100 emails. And you can save them to PDF, save them to Google Drive, etc.

And here is the trick how to select all emails matching your query or filter.:

  1. In Gmail’s search box, search for the emails you want to save to PDF, save to Google Drive, etc.

    For example, we searched for all emails from “cloudHQ support”:

    Gmail search results

  2. From here, click the select all box to select all the emails you found in your search.

    Select all in Gmail

    This will select all emails that returned in your search.

    NOTE: You should not click on next page (older emails) or page back (newer emails) after you selected select all. If you clikc on next page (older emails) arrow or page back (newer emails) arrow then your selection will be invalidated.
  3. If there are more emails than Gmail can show on one page of search results, it will show a notice asking if you want to select all emails that match the search:

    chrome extension

    If you see the above notice, click it so all emails that match your search will be selected.

  4. When you have all the emails selected, click the Click the ‘Save Emails to PDF’ icon:
    chrome extension
  5. Select options and click on “Start conversion”: