NOTE: If you are looking to install the Multi Email Forward Chrome extension, please read Getting Started with Multi Email Forward.

cloudHQ Multi Email Forward is an extension for the Chrome browser that lets you quickly forward multiple emails in your Gmail account. The forwarding is done 100% in the background and you don’t have to have your PC running at all.
If you only want to forward emails matching a specific filter (like old emails), simply follow the steps below.

  1. Enter a search query to filter your emails:
  2. Tick the Select box in the toolbar:
  3. Once all emails on the page have been selected, a message will appear at the top asking if you want to select all conversations that match this search. Click on the message to do so:
  4. Click the Multi Email Forward button in the toolbar:
  5. Click on Forward Email Individualy:
  6. Input a destination email address in the forward window and press Enter or Tab so that the email is marked blue. Please note that you can only input one recipient at a time. Click Forward Emails:
  7. You can monitor your forward here: Multi Email Forward Dashboard.
  8. You will receive an email to confirm the success of the forward.