NOTE: If you’re looking to install the Multi Email Forward Chrome extension, please read Getting Started with Multi Email Forward.

This support note explains how cloudHQ Multi Email Forward can be used to forward multiple emails individually (so each email is forwarded as a separate message) while preserving subject lines and metadata. Since the metadata of the emails is preserved, it can be used to forward emails to your CRM (Salesforce, ZenDesk, etc.).

This means that the email messages will appear in the receiving inbox just as they do in your inbox. In other words, the email messages will not have “FWD:” in the subject and “To”, “CC”, “Bcc”, and all other metadata will be preserved.

Important notes regarding email metadata:

  1. The original FROM header will not be preserved. The original FROM header will be stored in RESENT-FROM. The FROM header will have the name of the original sender but the email address will be your email address (the email address of the account you are forwarding from). This field is supported by Salesforce and all major CRM vendors so forwarded emails will be attached to the correct records.
  2. The received date of email will not be preserved.
  3. The DATE header will be preserved.
  4. The REPLY-TO header will be preserved.
  5. The CC, TO, and BCC headers will be preserved.
If you enable the option “preserve metadata” then we will “fake” headers. The emails ARE NOT bcc’d or cc’d – they are just sent emails with fake header.


  1. Select the emails that you want to forward:
    chrome extension
  2. Click the Multi Email Forward button:
    chrome extension
  3. Click the Forward selected emails individually … button:
    chrome extension

    NOTE: If you choose the forward option in the Multi Email Forward wizard, keep in mind that it can be affected by Gmail Daily Sending Limits:
    Free Gmail and trial Google Apps accounts have a sending limit of 500 messages per day. Paid Google Apps accounts have a limit of 2000 messages per day.
  4. Input an email address in the forward window and press Enter or Tab so that the email is marked blue. Select the option When enabled, emails will not have “FWD:” in subject, and “To”, “CC”, “Bcc”, and other metadata will be preserved. Then click the Forward Emails button:
    chrome extension