Upon generating a fresh Google spreadsheet, a single sheet titled “Sheet1” is provided by default. The sheets toolbar, situated at the window’s base, displays a tab representing each sheet you possess. For better organization and navigation within your spreadsheet, you have the option to add, retitle, remove, rearrange, and replicate sheets.

To create a new sheet click on the Add Sheet button in the sheets toolbar.

The new sheet will be created.

You can use ARRAYFORMULA to copy information from your default sheet.

So, if you want to import data from the first sheet (Sheet1), you can do so by following these steps:

Go to the second sheet where you want to import the data.

  1. In cell A1, enter the following formula:


    This formula will import data from columns A to Z in Sheet1 to the second sheet.

  2. You can adjust the range according to your needs (e.g., A1:B10, A1:C100, etc.).

The ARRAYFORMULA function will automatically fill the corresponding cells in the second sheet with the data from the specified range in Sheet1. If you update any data in Sheet1, it will be reflected in the second sheet as well.