In order to add or change the green footer signature? follow the steps below:

  1. Open Email Signature Generator as explained here
  2. Click on Extensions menu item:
    chrome extension
  3. Click on Green footer selection:
    chrome extension
    Choose template or enter your own text:
    chrome extension

    • Environmental responsibility template:
      Please consider your environmental responsibility. Before printing this e-mail message, ask yourself whether you really need a hard copy.
    • Environmental responsibility short template:
      Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail!
    • Save ink cartridges template:
      Save ink cartridges from going extinct! Don’t print this email!
    • Be Carbon free template:
      Be like me, be Carbon free – don’t print this and save a tree
    • Save a tree – kill a beaver template:
      Save a tree – kill a beaver
    • Printing emails is SO 2009 template:
      Printing emails is SO 2009
    • Don’t print this template:
      Don’t print this, Ok?
    • Printing kills trees template:
      Printing emails kills trees. Print is murder!
    • Do you really need…? template:
      Do you really need to print this email?