cloudHQ can sync, back up, copy, migrate, convert, and replicates data between different cloud service providers.

The sync is defined by a “sync pair.” Sync pairs define the following:

  1. What to sync: which cloud accounts and folders should be synced? For example, sync Dropbox root with folder ABC in OneDrive.
  2. How to sync: is this one-sync? two-way sync? is this sync for backup? etc.

The data is synced thru cloudHQ’s cloud servers. There is no need have your PC or Mac running.

For example, if you are syncing OneDrive and Dropbox, cloudHQ servers will connect directly to Dropbox servers and Microsoft OneDrive servers and copy data directly between Dropbox and OneDrive cloud servers.

Here is example of how data flows when you sync between OneDrive and Dropbox and you change data on your PC in a folder that is synced with OneDrive:

  1. Let’s suppose that you have the following setup:
    • You are using a Microsoft Surface tablet with OneDrive.
    • You also have Dropbox Desktop Client running on your PC.
  2. Let’s imagine that you changed a file on your Surface.
  3. OneDrive running on your Surface uploads the file to Microsoft OneDrive servers.
  4. cloudHQ then copies that file from Microsoft OneDrive servers to Dropbox servers.
  5. Dropbox Desktop client running on your PC detects that and downloads the file.