Is it necessary to back up Dropbox contents?

Any time the question of backup Dropbox comes up, we have to restate two key messages:

  1. Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket – bugs happen
  2. Data can be accidentally or maliciously permanently deleted

From a protection/recovery perspective, Dropbox provides some basic tools, like version tracking and undelete. However, only Dropbox Enterprise will keep versions of files almost indefinitely – but even in that case files can be accidentally or maliciously deleted.

How cloudHQ can protect your Dropbox

cloudHQ offers real-time data protection—everything is backed up in real-time, and nothing can be lost.

Real-time data protection is backing up files, emails, and other data by automatically making a backup copy of every change made to that data. This means that cloudHQ is essentially capturing every version of your data. It allows the user or administrator to restore data (or a snapshot of your system) to any point in time. You can think about cloudHQ sync as a very powerful version of Apple Time Machine.

How to backup your Dropbox

  1. If you use the professional version of Dropbox (single user) then you set up backup sync pair (one-way sync) of your Dropbox account to some other storage (Google Drive, OneDrive, etc.). Here are examples on how to setup backup your Dropbox account:
  2. If you use Dropbox for Business then you need to set up two setup of sync:

    1. Setup backup of user’s Dropbox accounts.
      If you have a small amount of that then you can back up your to Dropbox users to Google Drive, Box, OneDrive, etc. Here is the example how to set up backup of all users accounts to Google Drive: Setup backup of Dropbox Business to Google Drive storage. On the other hand, if you have a large amount of data then the best is to setup backup of Dropbox Business to Amazon S3 storage
    2. Setup backup of Dropbox team folders:
      Here are the instruction how to backup Dropbox team folders: How to backup Dropbox team folders