To learn more about the ChatGPT Sidebar by cloudHQ, visit the ChatGPT Sidebar website.
To install the extension, choose your browser from the links below:

NOTE: To use this extension, you need either a valid ChatGPT account or an OpenAI API key.
If you don’t have a ChatGPT account yet, sign up here:

Installing ChatGPT Sidebar Chrome Extension

  1. Navigate to ChatGPT Sidebar on the Chrome Web Store.

    • Select the Add to Chrome button.
    • Extension Installation Guide Image

  2. During installation, a prompt titled “Add ChatGPT Sidebar by cloudHQ” will appear.

    • Click on the Add extension button to continue.
    • Extension Approval Guide Image
  3. After the installation, two icons related to the extension will be displayed.

    • The primary extension icon is located in the upper right corner with other extensions, signifying its active status. However, by default, the extension may be hidden. To make it visible, you need to pin the ChatGPT Sidebar extension. Follow the instructions in the article How to pin a recently installed extension in the Chrome browser for guidance.
    • The ChatGPT Sidebar icon is positioned on the far right of the address bar, which, when clicked, opens a sidebar.

How to effectively use prompts (instructions) and content (input text) in ChatGPT Sidebar

  • Access predefined prompts via the ChatGPT Sidebar dropdown menu, located at the top when you click the icon on the right side of your Chrome browser. Available prompts include: Summarize, Fix Grammar, and Rewrite.
  • Custom Prompts Configuration: Add your own custom prompts to the ChatGPT Sidebar.
    • For cloudHQ users: Go to My Dashboard or click this
    • Without a cloudHQ account: You can set up custom prompts without an account. Click the ChatGPT Sidebar pin icon in the upper right of your Chrome browser.

Dashboard for ChatGPT Sidebar

In the general section of the cloudHQ dashboard for ChatGPT Sidebar you can find the following options:

  1. Model Selection Dropdown:

    • Default (GPT-3.5)
    • Default (GPT-4)
  2. API Settings:

    • Contains a toggle slider control designed for enabling or disabling the option: “Use your own OpenAI API key”.

      • When enabled, input your personal OpenAI API key. This key can be retrieved from OpenAI’s platform.
    • Custom Prompt Configuration:

      • For instance, if you want a translation prompt:
        • In the primary text box, input the prompt title: “Translate to Spanish”.
        • In the secondary text box, specify the instruction: “Translate the text to Spanish. The output should exclusively contain the Spanish translation without any additional content or explanatory text.”
    • Multiple custom prompts can be added and will subsequently appear in your ChatGPT Sidebar.
    • For a collection of pre-defined prompts, refer to cloudHQ’s prompt library.

Note: Changes were automatically saved. Close this tab and refresh the tab with ChatGPT Sidebar by cloudHQ.