What browsers does ChatGPT Sidebar support?

ChatGPT Sidebar is designed to integrate seamlessly with Chrome and Edge browsers. We’re continually looking to expand compatibility based on user feedback.

How does the "Rewrite Any Text" feature differ from simply copying an article?

The “Rewrite Any Text” function allows users to obtain a unique version of the original text, ensuring the content is coherent and well-worded. It’s an ideal tool for those who appreciate an article’s message but wish to have a distinct version of it.

Is there a limit to the number of languages the "Translate a Webpage" feature supports?

ChatGPT Sidebar currently supports translation for over 20 languages. We’re committed to increasing this number in future updates to foster even greater community connections.

How does ChatGPT Sidebar ensure grammar corrections are accurate?

The grammar check utilizes the capabilities of ChatGPT and OpenAI technology. It quickly scans content for potential mistakes, providing suggestions to ensure writing remains error-free and of a professional standard. However, as with all automated tools, it’s always a good practice to review corrections for context and accuracy.