You’ve successfully installed ChatGPT Sidebar by cloudHQ – your AI assistant that can give you any background information on any Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome webpage you’re browsing like:
✔️ Summarize the webpage
✔️ Translate the page
✔️ Check Grammar
✔️ Clarify code
✔️ Find related webpages
✔️ And even works in your email inbox, or in any of your documents, spreadsheets and presentations!

Here’s how to get started in just 3 clicks….

Step 1. Highlight & Click the Sidebar Icon

Select the desired text by highlighting it, then click the ChatGPT Sidebar icon in either Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome to instantly apply your ChatGPT prompt to the text you highlighted.

Step 2. Select Your ChatGPT Prompt

Select your prompt and then click on Send to ChatGPT button.

If your desired prompt (such as Summarize, Fix Grammar, or Rewrite) isn’t already listed, simply select the Custom option from the dropdown menu and enter your specific request for ChatGPT.

3. Get Your ChatGPT Response & Copy It

You’re done!

If you want to copy ChatGPT’s response, simply click on the Copy Response button, and paste it wherever you like!