When you install a new extension in the Chrome browser, it might not immediately show up on the toolbar for quick access. If you want to pin a recently installed extension so its icon appears in the toolbar, follow these steps:

Open Chrome Browser:

First, make sure your Chrome browser is open.

Access Extensions:

  1. Look to the top-right corner of the browser.
  2. You’ll see a puzzle piece icon (this is the Extensions icon). Click on it. This will display a dropdown of all your installed extensions.

Locate the Extension:

In the dropdown list, you should see your recently installed extension listed.

Pin the Extension:

  1. Next to the name of the extension you want to pin, you will see a pushpin icon.
  2. Click the pushpin icon. When it’s pinned, the icon will appear “pushed in” or highlighted.

Check the Toolbar:

After pinning, the icon for that specific extension will now be visible directly on the Chrome toolbar for easy access.

Using the Extension:

With the extension icon now in the toolbar, you can simply click on it whenever you need to use the extension.


If you ever want to remove the extension icon from the toolbar but don’t want to uninstall the extension, simply click on the puzzle piece icon again, find the extension, and click its pushpin icon to “unpin” it. The icon will disappear from the toolbar but the extension will remain installed.

That’s it! It’s a simple process, but if you’re new to Chrome it might not be immediately obvious. I hope this helps!