What are the email headers?

Email Headers, often termed Email Metadata, chronicle the journey of an email to your inbox and beyond. Integral to email interactions, they fulfill diverse roles, both informational and functional. Gaining proficiency in dissecting Email Headers can bolster secure email exchanges,

Email Headers are auto-populated. While there’s a typical structure for what it should contain, a mail server isn’t restricted in what it can append.

Which email headers can I extract?

This option will allow you extract values of X-headers. X-headers complement the standard email headers like To, From, and Subject, tailored to the sender’s distinct requirements. Email service providers enhance emails with these X-headers to describe aspects like SPF, DKIM, and DMARC validation outcomes, details on spam filters, among other elements.

How can you access email headers in Gmail?

  1. Find the trio of dots in the upper right of the email.
  2. Click on Show Original from the ensuing menu. This will display the unprocessed data in a fresh window.
  3. Inspect email headers.