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Save Emails by cloudHQ can be save all email communication (sent and received emails) with a certain person to a single PDF document. This PDF document is admissible as a legal document or evidence in courts.

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to that:

  1. Login into
  2. Go to dashboard and select the Save Emails as PDF icon
  3. Start wizard for Save Emails as PDF
  4. Select the option Backup or Save Email Messages to PDF
  5. Enter the email address or person’s name whose email messages you would like to back up or save (e.g., or Jeff). Click on Continue.
  6. Select backup options and start the save. We suggest that you specify the following options:
    1. Merge all messages into one PDF
    2. Sort messages from oldest message to newest
    3. Embed email attachments inside PDF file: All attached docs, PDFs, and images will be inside the PDF document.
    4. Compact format: The PDF document will not contain signatures, quotations, page breaks, and other redundant information.

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