NOTE: Replication of permission will work only if your organization’s cloud platform is authorized. I.e., in the case of SharePoint sync, then Office 365 needs to be authorized.

If you select this option, cloudHQ will replicate sharing metadata (if possible). In other words, if you sync two cloud accounts, and you shared a folder in one cloud account, cloudHQ will share that folder also to the other synced cloud service.

For example, let’s suppose you have a sync pair like this:

Google Drive/Folder_X -> Box/Folder_Y

If the option “Replicate sharing meta-data for files I own” is enabled, and you share a folder Folder_X/ in Google Drive with user, cloudHQ will also share the same folder in Box, so folder Folder_Y/ will be also shared with user in Box.

Replication of permissions in this example will work if you have cloudHQ appropriately configured on your Office365 and Box domain.

NOTE: The detailed instructions on how to do migrate Box to Office 365 is explained here.
NOTE: How to ensure Office 365 OneDrive has impersonation configured is explained here.