For detailed instructions on how to disable or enable the conversation view, also known as threaded view, in Gmail, please refer to the article on how to turn on/off conversation view in Gmail.

Benefits of Turning Off Conversation View

  • Clarity in Email Management: Each email stands alone, making it easier to manage and respond to emails individually.
  • Easier to Find Specific Emails: Easier to find a specific email since they are not grouped together.
  • Better for High Volume Users: Less overwhelming when emails are listed individually rather than grouped.
  • Compatibility with Other Email Systems: Provides a more consistent experience with email clients that do not support conversation view.
  • Avoid Missing Important Emails: Ensures that each email gets the attention it deserves.

Benefits of Turning On Conversation View

  • Easier to Follow Conversations: Grouping emails by conversation makes it easier to follow the flow of discussions.
  • Reduced Inbox Clutter: Threads consolidate multiple emails into one, reducing the number of individual emails in your inbox.
  • Contextual Continuity: Threading keeps all related messages together, providing better context for understanding ongoing conversations.
  • Efficient Email Management: Managing conversations as a single thread can save time, as you can reply to multiple messages at once.
  • Streamlined Viewing Experience: A more organized inbox can enhance the overall email viewing experience.


Whether to use Gmail’s conversation view is a matter of personal preference and workflow needs. Turning it off can provide more clarity and ease for managing individual emails, while keeping it on can streamline conversation tracking and reduce inbox clutter. Users should weigh these benefits based on their specific email usage patterns and needs.