How to troubleshoot Google Chrome extensions

Here are troubleshooting steps if you do not see cloudHQ chrome extension in your Gmail or see it, but the function is not working.
Check your browser and installed extensions.
Verify that Chrome Extension is installed and enabled.
Ensure that permissions requested by Chrome Extension are accepted.

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How to update your Chrome Browser

  1. On your computer, open Chrome.
  2. At the top right, click More More.
  3. Click Help and then About Google Chrome.
  4. The current version number is the series of numbers beneath the Google Chrome heading. 
  5. Chrome will check for updates when you’re on this page. To apply any available updates, click Relaunch.
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Formatting international phone numbers

To prevent any errors we strongly suggest using E.164 phone number formatting when entering phone numbers. For example, the E.164 format for the US phone number (415) 555-2671 is +14155552617 And the E.164 format for a UK phone number 020 7183 8750 is +442071838750 how to to format nunbers; how to enter phone number; phone […]

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How to preview your SMS message

When sending emails to SMS you can verify how the message will look like before sending it to a mobile phone. Here are how to do that: Start composing the email and then click on “mobile icon”: Select phone number: Click on preview button in the composer: You should see a modal dialog with the […]

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How to send SMS message as plain text

Send your rmail to SMS allows you to send SMS messages in the following two formats: As plain text. The example is here As a link to the web page with full content. The example is here To send your email as a plain text please do the following instructions: Start composing the email and […]

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