A lot of important notes related to your Salesforce accounts, contacts, or projects might be saved in your OneNote account. It is essential that these notes are accessible from within Salesforce.

cloudHQ will automatically (and completely transparently to end-users) upload OneNote for Business notes to Salesforce account.

An organization’s Office 365 admin can sync OneNote for Business to Salesforce for each Office 365 OneNote user.

End users will simply need to authorize their Salesforce accounts (which takes one click) to complete the syncing process, which will be completely transparent to the end user.

Office 365 preparation:

Authorize cloudHQ to access your Office 365 domain

Run the Multi-User Wizard to set up OneNote for Business to Salesforce

  • Go to https://www.cloudhq.net/multi_setup_wizard?prompt_auth=true.
    Google Apps
  • Click the Office 365 icon:
  • Click the OneNote for Business icon:
  • Select users:
  • Click the Salesforce icon:
  • Verify sync pairs:
  • Users who do not have Salesforce authorized will receive an email asking them to authorize their Salesforce accounts:
    The user just needs to click the “Authorize” button. We will then prompt the user to authorize cloudHQ to allow access to the Salesforce account.