A lot of important notes related to your Salesforce accounts, contacts or projects might be saved in your OneNote account. It is essential that these notes are accessible from within Salesforce.

cloudHQ will automatically (and completely transparently to you) upload your OneNote notes to your Salesforce account. cloudHQ will also automatically attach your notes to appropriate Salesforce records. All updates in OneNote will be automatically and immediately uploaded into Salesforce.

cloudHQ offers 3 different types of OneNote to Salesforce integrations:

  1. OneNote notes are converted to Salesoforce notes and attached as notes to Salesforce records (requires that Salesforce notes are enabled)
  2. OneNote notes are converted to PDF files and attached to Salesoforce records
  3. OneNote notes are converted to HTML pages and attached to Salesforce records

cloudHQ supports both OneNote for Business and personal OneNote accounts

Here’s how to setup a sync between OneNote and Salesforce:

  1. Go to https://www.cloudHQ.net/init_salesforce
  2. Select Sync OneNote into Salesforce:
  3. Select OneNote or OneNote for Business:
  4. Authorize OneNote or OneNote for Business.
  5. Select a OneNote notebook or OneNote section:
  6. Authorize Salesforce or Salesforce sandbox:
  7. Authorize Salesforce or Salesforce sandbox:
  8. Select OneNote export options and start the sync: