Amazon Glacier is an extremely low-cost storage service that provides secure, durable, and flexible storage for data backup and archival.

With Amazon Glacier, customers can reliably store their data for as little as $0.007 per gigabyte per month. Amazon Glacier enables customers to offload the administrative burdens of operating and scaling storage to AWS, so they don’t have to worry about capacity planning, hardware provisioning, data replication, hardware failure detection and repair, or time-consuming hardware migrations.

Important notes regarding cloudHQ setup:

  1. you should setup Glacier archiving for cloudHQ_archive folder – not for the destination folder.
  2. If you want to archive to Glacier the primary folder then you should disable the following two options for your backup:
    • Archive files before they are changed or deleted by sync
    • Automatically re-copy files if we detect tampering of copies on the target (you need to disable this becasue archive on Glacier will change the destination)

Here are short instructions for how to set up an archive of your Amazon S3 backups to Amazon Glacier:

  1. Go to your Amazon S3 bucket, right-click it, select Properties, then click “Add rule”:
  2. Amazon Glacier

  3. Select whether this rule will apply to the entire bucket or only a folder in the bucket:
  4. Amazon Glacier

  5. Define the action:
  6. Amazon Glacier

  7. Select when this action will happen:
  8. Amazon Glacier

  9. Click on Review.


Here is a short video with the instructions for how to set up an archive from Amazon S3 to Amazon Glacier: