NOTE: If you want to have Gmail Phone, you will need to purchase number.

Our Gmail™ Phone product is like a “virtual” cell phone and phone# can be used to message people or receive text messages and voice mails.

Here is how Gmail™ Phone works:

  • All text messages sent to your Gmail™ Phone will be automatically forwarded to your Gmail or Google Apps account.
  • All voice messages to your Gmail™ Phone will be sent to Gmail or Google Apps account as well.
  • All SMS messages sent via Send Your Email to SMS (text) will be sent from your Gmail™ Phone.
  • All emails to email address will be sent to phone number from your purchased number.

Here is how to purchase a number:

    1. Go to the subscription page and click Upgrade
    2. Search for your country (if available).
    3. Input area code and search:
      chrome extension
    4. Select desired number:
      chrome extension
    5. Input mode of payment and payment details then click ‘Purchase +yyxxxxxxxxxx’ button:
      chrome extension


Here is how you can start receiving emails when people send SMS to your Gmail™ Phone #:

  1. Install the cloudHQ Chrome browser extension Gmail™ Phone from this location:
    chrome extension
  2. Add the extension to Chrome:
    chrome extension
  3. If you have Gmail phone then you can send SMS by sending email to email address: sms+<phone_number>@cloudhq.netThen you can send email to multiple addresses like this:,, etc.In short, if you send email to <phone_number>, it will be received as SMS by that phone number.

Here is a short video how it works: