To learn more about Google Sheets Templates, click here.
Install the Chrome extension from Chrome Web Store, or
install Microsoft Edge Add-ons from Microsoft Edge Store

How to use this extension

  1. Install this extension from
  2. Find the templates in Google Drive by tapping on
    New –> Google Sheets –> Template by cloudHQ
  3. Make a copy of the template, and tweak it as you see fit!

Google Sheets Templates by cloudHQ is a chrome extension that is fully integrated with Google Sheets and which offers professionally-designed templates. This is a highly effective template app for creating business plans, invoices, resumes, cover letters, newsletters, and flyers. When using a Google Sheets Template, you save time and can quickly overcome the anxiety of creating something from scratch. Use proven design concepts, and save time, all while creating a winning document that conveys everything you want it to.