To find out more about Gmail Inbox Zero by cloudHQ, click here.
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To install from Microsoft Edge Add-ons store, click here.

How to use this extension

  • Click on the cloudHQ icon in the upper right corner of your Gmail and click on
    Turn Inbox Zero ON
  • After you are done cleaning up your inbox, click on
    Close Inbox Zero

Google Gmail Inbox Zero provides the following functionalities:
✅ Work with no distractions
✅ Easy way to read all your unread emails
✅ Nothing else to look at in your Inbox, emails only!

Some hints on how to achieve Inbox Zero:

  1. Reply: If you can answer the email without spending more than a couple of minutes, respond immediately and archive the message.
  2. Archive: If the email contains information you’ll need to refer to later or doesn’t require a response, then just archive it.
  3. Delegate: If the email would be better handled by someone else, forward it and then archive it.
  4. Defer: If a response will take longer or require more work, use the snooze feature to defer it until a more convenient time, add it to your TODO label, or create a Google Task.
  5. Do: Once you’ve processed your inbox, tackle emails in your TODO label, Tasks, or snoozed emails – emails that need more than a couple of minutes to answer.

And for more efficient and faster email processing, enable the following Gmail options:

  1. Enable Gmail keyboard shortcuts – you can greatly save time navigating in Gmail by using keyboard shortcuts.
  2. Enable Gmail split view – you can read mail right next to your list of conversations, making mail reading and writing mail faster and adding more context.
  3. Enable Gmail hover actions – gain access to archive, delete, mark as read, and snooze controls on hover.