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Install ChatGPT for Google from Chrome Web Store or Microsoft Edge Add-ons Store.


To use this extension, you must have a valid ChatGPT account or a valid OpenAI API key. If you don’t have one yet, please follow this link to create a ChatGPT account:

Google Search enhancement

ChatGPT for Google will enhance your Google search experience. Now, when you perform a search on Google, you’ll not only get the regular search results but also see ChatGPT responses displayed alongside them. This convenient setup allows you to effortlessly explore both Google’s information and ChatGPT’s insightful answers side by side.

Here are the setup steps:

  1. Go to ChatGPT and ensure that you are logged in. If you plan to use OpenAI API, please check this support note: How can I use my own OpenAI API key?
  2. Open your web browser and navigate to Google’s homepage.
  3. Enter your desired search query in the search bar, just like you would for any regular Google search. For example, you might search for anything.
  4. Press the Enter key or click on the Google Search button to initiate the search.
  5. Once the search results page loads, you’ll notice a new feature with ChatGPT responses appearing to the right of the screen.
  6. Take a moment to review the regular search results displayed on the left side of the screen. These are the familiar Google search results you are accustomed to seeing.

ChatGPT interface enhancement

ChatGPT for Google will also make the interaction with ChatGPT more dynamic and up-to-date by aligning it closely with the latest Google search results. This means that ChatGPT’s responses can now include the most recent and relevant information from the web, enhancing its knowledge beyond its initial training data which were cut off in September 2021.

Specifically, when a user enters a query, ChatGPT for Google will facilitate a Google search and the results are then used to inform ChatGPT’s response. This process ensures that ChatGPT is aware of and can provide information on recent events, updated statistics, or newly published research, thereby significantly enhancing the timeliness and relevance of the information it provides.
Here are the steps on how to use ChatGPT interface enhancement provided by ChatGPT for Google:

  1. Go to ChatGPT
  2. Enter chatGPT prompt as normal. ChatGPT for Google will enhance your prompt with Google search results and pass it to ChatGTP.
  3. Try and you’ll see that ChatGPT is aware of recent events: