Office 365 SharePoint is a cloud-based service that helps organizations share and collaborate with colleagues, partners, and customers. With Office 365 SharePoint, you can access internal sites, documents, and other information from anywhere—at the office, at home, or from a mobile device.

So Office 365 SharePoint is much more than simple cloud storage.

It is also important to mention that Office 365 SharePoint (with all sites and document libraries) is not the same thing as Office 365 OneDrive for Business:

  1. OneDrive for Business: Storing content on OneDrive for Business is like storing files on your computer; no one else can easily access them. OneDrive for Business is ideal for storing business files that you’re working on by yourself.
  2. Office 365 Team site: An Office 365 team site is like a website, but by default it’s not public; it’s accessible only to people you give permissions to.
    It’s ideal for sharing and collaborating on files.
  3. Office 365 Team subsite: An Office 365 team subsite is like a separate section on your team site with a unique look or unique permissions for access.
    It’s ideal for sharing and collaborating on files with a customer or partner external to your business.
    It’s also ideal for storing files you want to keep private from the rest of the people in your business who have access to the team site. You can set up a subsite so only you (and if needed, one or two others) can access it.
  4. Office 365 Site collections: File storage and sharing, but the site collection is completely separate from your existing team site.
    A new Office 365 site collection has its own address and permissions. It can be used for internal or external collaboration.
    Larger businesses use site collections in the same way small businesses use subsites. A small business with advanced security needs and strong technical skills might also want to