Getting started with Save Emails as PDF Chrome Extension (How to save emails as PDF)

Save Emails as PDF offers the following:

✔️ Merge multiple email messages into one PDF to send it to your lawyer
✔️ Send all of your e-receipts, in 1 pdf to your accountant
✔️ Package all your email messages and then upload them into your CRM
✔️ Create a hard copy backup of your emails for your own records

To find out more about Save Emails as PDF , click here.
To install Save Emails as PDF , click here.
Instructions on how to get started are here.


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How to I save a gmail message as a PDF?

Save Emails as PDF is made specifically to work with Gmail and Google Workspace email accounts. Once you install the free Chrome extension, all your emails can be converted to PDF with one click of a button.

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