Getting started with Gmail Screenshot (How to send screenshot with Gmail)

With the Gmail Screenshot by cloudHQ Chrome extension, so you can do any of the following on your screen capture:

☑︎ Write text
☑︎ Crop
☑︎ Use arrows
☑︎ Pixelate sensitive information
☑︎ Include rectangular boxes or lines
☑︎ Get a link of your marked-up image to send to anyone!

To find out more about Gmail Screenshot, click here.
To install Gmail Screenshot, click here.
Instructions on how to get started are here.


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How to fix slowness in Chrome browser and Gmail Screenshot

Chrome browser disables some versions of GPU-acceleration device drivers and disabling of these device drivers might cause slowness in your Chrome browser. This slowness can be noticed when using Gmail Screenshot or when watching youtube movies. To fix that you can enable Override software rendering list option in Google Chrome browser which will enable GPU-acceleration. […]

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